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Monica Coffman



Although not business related my proudest moment would be my family and marriage. I got married at a very young age of 19 and with every odd stacked against us we prevailed. The road wasn’t always easy, but we as a family are better for it. We are a unit that is committed to stand by each other, through all the trials, and always prevail. My husband and I have successfully put our oldest daughter through college and she is now married and working in a career in teaching. Currently we are working on getting our youngest through college so that she too can make her mark in this world. My proudest moment is knowing that even though life has placed many mountains for us to climb we have come out on the other end- better people.



Before joining Stark, I worked in the insurance industry since 2005.  I took pride in providing excellent customer service, as well as bringing a tremendous work ethic to the 2  companies I worked for in that time. Originally from California I relocated in 2011 with my husband and our two daughters. There, we built a home that provided structure, and stability for our girls to be able to plant some solid roots for their future. In 2014, my husband was relocated to Madison for the company he has been with for over 20 years. Since that time, I have been able to fall in love with the greater Madison Area and all it has to offer. When I am not in the office or working with clients, I can be found most of the time working out at our local gym. On the weekends, we enjoy doing things like visiting local breweries, exploring surrounding areas through hiking and kayaking. For the most part, we try to be very active and enjoy life at all levels- to its fullest.



For many years, I have been searching for a way to use my passion for helping others, and my excellent ability to provide efficient and great customer service. It took me a while to make that jump from comfort and convenience of routine to making a business move for myself. Because I enjoy living in the Madison area and see all that this community has to offer for myself and others, it was a natural fit for me to make the move into Real Estate. As your realtor, I am able to assist you in finding a home that fits the lifestyle you want.  I don’t want to just find a house for you, I want to help you find your home.  I work as a full-service realtor that is not only for today’s move but for any move in the future. My goal is to cultivate a community of friendships with my clients, that I can provide service and knowledge not only today but for a lifetime.

I joined the Stark family because I truly believe that this is a group that carries all the same values, which we have built our family foundation on.  We are here to help move you from the life you currently have to the life you want. It would be a privilege for me to help you reach this place. 

" We picked Monica for many reasons; one being, she will not stop working. When you choose her, she is dedicated to ensuring you have all the information you need before you even start looking. She then dedicates hours upon hours each day obtaining prospective homes until you find the right one. These are just a few things Monica was doing. Monica went above and beyond in my expectations. . She is not only an awesome friend, but an amazing human being. She truly cares and will not stop until you are happy. She works well with any type of person, whether you know a lot about the process or very little like I do. Monica relates well to people, she is real. She is not the typical fake salesman/woman who finds something you like to do, relate to you (mostly by making up lies), and then try to get “buddy buddy” with you to make you want to buy or sell with her. Monica speaks to you like a human being not another number that will make her “this much” income for the month. Monica will not rest until you are truly happy. It was my first home purchase and I also used my veteran benefits to use a VA loan to purchase our first home. We will forever be friends with Monica and she will forever be our realtor. I strongly urge you to reach out to her so she can help you find or sell your next home. If you have any questions or want more information from me regarding Monica please do not hesitate to email me at "

Eric Miller