We intend to be the highest-performing company. We own our results.
A Culture of Performance

When all is said and done, a culture of performance means just that; performance. It's why our goal is not to be the biggest real estate firm in the area, but the best. Our primary measure of performance is not our overall level of sales, but our productivity per associate. Our associates averaged over 14 transactions for $3,300,000 per agent in 2015, compared to the industry average of 9 transactions for $2,200,000. Veterans who’ve been with us two years or longer averaged over 17 sales for $4,100,000. And their productivity is growing faster than the market overall. But we’re not satisfied yet. Our next objective is to reach $4,000,000 per agent overall, and $5,000,000 per agent for our veterans. Are you someone who can help us get there?

Our Values

We believe in autonomy, mastery and a clear sense of purpose.

Our Support

We offer high-performance tools & training for our high-performance people.