We offer high-performance tools & training for our high-performance people.
Creating Results on Purpose

If we intend to be the highest performing company, we have to do something to make it happen. That’s why no other firm in the marketplace invests the resources we do in developing and supporting our team. We’re not just in the real estate business. We’re in the people development business. Because we believe that when our people are the very best they can be, our customers get the very best service.


Our training program, under the personal direction of President David Stark, with assistance from Training Director Gary Tritz and Recruiting Director Chris Stark, is the most comprehensive you will find. It begins with our University, which grounds you in the basics of contracts, pricing, and processes, and culminates with our Mastery Academy, a four day immersion that covers all aspects of customer service, from mindset principles through comprehensive skill development. And it’s all augmented by our weekly Boot Camps, where you get the opportunity to practice and problem solve with other agents and coaches.


We are the only real estate company in the area with dedicated full time coach/managers in each office who are focused entirely on helping you grow your business. We don’t believe you can attain Mastery in any field without expert long term instruction. Our coaches are here to do just that.

Sales Support

At Stark Company Realtors, when you’re out in the field working with clients, you’re not alone. To us, success is a team effort, and the company needs to do its part to support you. That’s why we provide everything from IT and administrative support, to marketing materials, showing line, home services, and more. CLICK HERE to view an online brochure detailing all the support services Stark has to offer.

“People really do expect to be successful because of all the encouragement and the very detailed training that they get.”

– Brian Davis, Agent since 2003


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Our Values

We believe in autonomy, mastery and a clear sense of purpose.