Starting Your Career in Real Estate

The State of Wisconsin requires that all real estate salespeople pass an exam after a minimum of 72 hours of certified education. Here at Stark, we offer three class options for you to meet the 72 hour requirement to obtain your license.

Course Option 1 – Online Sales Pre-license Course

The Online Course offer students a combination of reading assignments, chapter reviews, vocabulary exercises, case studies, and online quizzes. Once you register, you will be shipped the course books and Student Guide. Stark Company Realtors will register you at a reduced fee which will include textbooks, study guides and shipping and handling.

Course Option 2 – On Demand Sales Pre-license Course

The On Demand option is entirely online and includes printable reading materials, video presentation and review exercises. There is no waiting for the materials to be shipped, so students may start the course immediately. Stark Company Realtors will register you at a reduced fee which will include print materials, quizzes, vocabulary and case studies.

Course Option 3 – Wisconsin Realtors Association Course

The Wisconsin Realtors Association offers a classroom style course in an accelerated format over a two week timetable. The program is held at their office located at: 4801 Forest Run Road, Madison.

For more information on starting a career in real estate please contact Christopher Stark at 608-256-9018 or email at For more information on obtaining your license please contact Becky Johnson at 608-443-4855 or email at