Alyssa Bukolt


Growing up, I had envisioned myself becoming a doctor, a nurse or maybe even a lawyer. If someone had told me that I would become a Realtor, I wouldn’t have believed them. Today, I can’t believe there was ever another way.
My first taste of the real estate industry came after college when I was working as a legal assistant. At the law firm, I worked with real estate and development attorneys. With a keen attention to detail, effective organizational skills, efficiency and dependability, I worked my way up to a commercial real estate paralegal position. While I enjoyed my job and learned a great deal, something was missing.
It was the one-on-one, face-to-face interactions with people. When I was a Certified Nursing Assistant, there was no better feeling than knowing I had made a positive impact on someone’s life. That I had done something to make them feel a little better, to make life a little easier or to put a big smile on their face. Once I realized I could take this love of helping others and put it together with my passion for real estate, a new personal dream was cultivated. Stark Company Realtors made my decision to join the team an easy one, because they really say it best: “We don’t just care about your house, we care about the life you live inside it.”
Although this decision was easy to make, I don’t believe all decisions are simple. I would be honored to work with you during your buying or selling process. I believe it is my job to help make your transaction experience not only simple, but enjoyable and exciting too.