Andy Kramer


You could say I was born with an artist’s soul. My childhood was often filled with drawing, music and imagination. While it’s easy to see how my initial career paths led to being a Cosmetologist and a Graphic Designer, let me explain why being a Stark Realtor suits me best.
While these careers may seem different, they are in fact quite similar. Each requires practice, passion, precision, patience, drive and design. But, what they need most is a desire to understand a client’s wants and needs. My years in cosmetology and design taught me how to market and advertise, solve problems, think outside of the box, stay focused and pay attention to detail.
When we moved into our first house, my path to real estate became accidentally clear. I loved creating our home, designing our experience there, utilizing the space in a way that worked for us. Our friends and family noticed. Many asked if I could assist with their homes. As I helped people fall back in love with their homes, I realized I could play a bigger role. Today, I use my design skills to help clients see beyond the walls of a house—whether it is preparing their current home to sell or considering a new home to buy. It energizes me when clients see the possibilities and I know I played an integral role. If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.