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Elissa Zollin


My life before real estate really grounded me.  It taught me important skills. Hands-on, in-the-moment skills you can't learn in a book.  It taught me to stay cool under pressure and to never underestimate the importance of emotions. It taught me to communicate clearly, to listen fully and to take the time to educate people on complex - and sometimes scary topics.

You see, I spent more than 22 years as a Surgical Technician in operating rooms and delivery rooms.  I assisted in all sorts of circumstances.  In these beautiful, wonderful and some even awful moments, I learned. And, I learned...most problems have solutions if you keep a level head.

Helping people is what I do - finding what they need and helping to provide it. While a transition from a Surgical Technician to Realtor may not seem obvious, it was for me.  Especially with Stark Company Realtors where the foundation is built on family, trust and community.  I'm constantly encouraged to use these skills to help people find the homes right for them. And, I couldn't love it more.  

In the end, my job is all about people entering a new stage in life. Helping you move from the life you have to the life you want.  If I can help you, please don't hesitate to call.

*If you can't find me in the office or in homes, you will most likely find me on the lakes with my husband and two kids.  As a self-proclaimed free spirit, I grew up in Illinois and spent my summers in LaCrosse before heading out to the West Coast for a series of travel assignments with hospitals. Finally I moved to Madison in 2005 to raise my children.

" Elissa was great to work with as our family looked to buy our new house. She worked hard to show us houses we were interested in, as well as doing a lot of extra work to find houses we might not have seen otherwise. We ended up finding a great house that fits our families needs perfectly, thanks to Elissa's hard work. "

Jacob Tisue