Katie Michelle


"Katie Michelle came highly recommended from one of my co-workers. Their recommendation was understated. Katie’s confidence, exuberance, and many contacts helped get out “unique” property sold as well as getting us into the house we wanted with some negotiated extras as a bonus."

Mike Muehrcke

"I am writing to let you know how much my family and I appreciate the outstanding job that Ben Oblizajek did in the purchasing of our new home in Fitchburg. Bringing this purchase to a close required an effort above and beyond that required for a “normal” house purchase. We built a new home, but could not close the deal on it, because we could not obtain the desired purchase price for our existing home. We soon thereafter received an offer on out existing home. So we had to reopen the search for another new home, find one that we liked, and very quickly. Ben was always professional, responsive, and willing to expend that extra effort. Moreover, he always maintained a positive attitude, which was not easy, given the surprises and disappointments we encountered. One could say that Ben helped turn a grueling ordeal into a very good deal. We would definitely recommend Ben Oblizajek to anyone wishing to purchase a new or existing home in the Madison area."

Philip Politowicz

"I worked with Katie Michelle on three properties in 2 years. Each experience was better than the last. She sold our first home very quickly, and found us a new house that we loved. A change in jobs caused us to move out of state. Katie was very helpful in working with the moving company, and was there when they packed to make sure everything was in order. She always went above and beyond her job and duties to help get the house sold in which she did. I would greatly recommend Katie Michelle to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in the Madison, WI area"

Erik Sahr

"I am writing this letter in reference to Katie Michelle. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Katie for the past 8 years, both as a friend and a client. Within this time, I have come to know Katie both personally and professionally. Therefore, it is with great respect and pride that I volunteered to share my beliefs of Katie’s character, work ethic and overall professionalism One of the first most recognizable traits someone will notice about Katie is her outgoing, energetic attitude. This has served her well both in her personal life and her professional career. As I have always benefitted from her energy as a friend, it was as a client that I truly began to appreciate her. While in the process of selling my home (of which Katie listed), we began to watch the housing market decline. Like all home owners in this position, we became frightened that we would not receive a favorable offer for our home. Katie diligently worked, not only to keep us well communicated about the progress of our listing, but was determined to find every possible strategy she could to facilitate the selling process. The efforts that Katie put forth were what one would consider “above and beyond the call of duty” – a trait not always found in this field. She literally found herself faced with a challenge and used her innate qualities to do what she does best, and sold out home. It was during this time I knew Katie’s attitude and drive now benefitted me financially as well. Another area that I believe Katie excels at is her dedication to her work ethics, again, not something I find readily in this society. I have always been amazed at how Katie can juggle a busy career and continue to treat people with the utmost dignity and respect. In a career where there is a high level of competition, I have never seen or witnessed a time when Katie has not done what is in the best interest of her clients. When Katie signs someone on to sell their home or to look for their future home, she takes that responsibility with humility and care. She knows that the homes these clients are selling or purchasing are very close to their hearts. Katie strives to make buying/selling process and enjoyable one while maintaining the integrity that guides her life. I have spent a fair share of my life working with numerous individuals in many parameters of life, but I have not found one that can hold a candle to Katie’s sense of veracity. Knowing Katie as I have, I am proud to recommend her as one of the best Realtor’s in the area. I so thoroughly believe in who Katie I as a person as well as a professional that I confidently say that one could do no better when searching for an agent to sell their home."

Jean Hilby

"To Whom It May Concern, My husband, Jason, and I recently purchased our first home through our Buyer’s Agent, Ben Oblizajek. Ben was knowledgeable, understanding and always on our side through the entire process. He quickly responded to questions and guided us through the somewhat confusing process of being a first-time homebuyer. I would highly recommend Ben Oblizajek for any and all of your real estate needs."

Allison Brost

"Katie and her team exceeded our expectations. They made it a great experience for me and my family."

Jason Borgardt

"We have known Katie Michelle for a year now. Katie and her team member Ben Oblizajek are wonderful! They will serve your needs well as both Buyer’s Agents and Seller’s Agents. The fist time we met Katie Michelle, she was representing the seller. We were extremely impressed with Katie’s knowledge of the real estate market. After buying this home we met with Katie to discuss further business transactions. Since then, Katie and Ben have assisted us in purchasing additional homes and re-selling them for us. Katie and Ben work with you and are willing to answer all of your questions. They are leaders in the real estate market. They are bright, competent, and willing to go above and beyond for their clients. We strongly recommend Katie Michelle and her team to represent you in all of your real estate transactions whether you are buying or selling. Best wishes in your real estate endeavors. We believe Katie and her team will serve you well!"

Monica & Ron Riege

"A letter sent to our broker: I am pleased to recognize Ben Oblizajek for excellent service when dealing with USAA members. One of our members, Ryan Ahrendt, rated the experience with MoversAdvantage® as excellent, and made a point to recognize the service Ben provided. We appreciate your firm’s support of the program and commitment to deliver TOP BLOCK® service to our members. We are proud to have you and Ben Oblizajek as members of the USAA MoversAdvantage team. Sincerely, Linda Watson Executive Director, Member Relocation Services"

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Katie Michelle as a Buyer’s Agent. I met Katie a year ago when I set up a showing for a property that she had listed. I didn’t buy that property, but did establish a lasting relationship with Katie. Over the following months Katie worked as my buyer’s agent and she helped me find and purchase a beautiful home in Fall River. I have recommended her with the highest regards to my friends and family, all of which have found her services as valuable as I have. What I initially appreciated about Katie is her honest and candor. Given the cost involved in purchasing a new home, I wanted to be assured that I was well informed and represented throughout the process. Katie took the time to answer all of my questions. She helped me to identify the various benefits and drawbacks of the homes I was considering. Katie also stands out in her negotiating skills. I have searched for homes and worked with other Realtors in the past and Katie’s ability in negotiating far surpassed any others. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be in the beautiful home I am in today if it were not for Katie. She was instrumental in negotiating a price I could afford. Katie truly represents the value of having a buyer’s agent as she brings her knowledge, experience and most importantly her concern for her client to the home buying process. Katie is an excellent buyer’s agent and I strongly encourage you to consider her services in your search for a home."

Jennifer Biechler

"To start things, I met Katie through a showing I organized with her partner, Ben. This took place about April of last year. From day one, she treated me with respect and listened to what I had to say, even though she was aware of my financial situation had us looking at the sub $140,000 market. When we first started I was completely determined to live in the country. Katie worked with me through this phase of my life, and kept a positive attitude the entire time. Even when we would go out in the boondocks, just to check out some infested trashy foreclosure. Well after about a dozen disappointing country home showings, she helped me key in my thoughts and realized that this was my first house, and that the country was just not ready for me. (Maybe the other way aroundJ) Either way, she helped me realize that an investment in town will not only be in my price range, but will in turn help me comfortably step into the country in a couple of years. So after several more showings, she still kept a positive attitude towards me. The entire time communication between us was great. By now, it was almost 8-9 months that we had been working together. I found a home and we put an offer in. They countered . She drove out to meet me in DeForest at 7:00 pm and with no pressure I signed. I am ecstatic about my new home!"

Justin Schuerman

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