Rachel DePrey


Exceptional Realtor Here for You!

Military college graduate. Musician. Epic Systems Project Manager.

From North Georgia to the Appalachian Mountains to Madison. I understand what it means to start a new life and find the right place to call home.

Training amongst “the chosen few” in a military college gave me discipline, teamwork and a passion for serving others. My love for music instilled a drive for excellence, attention to detail and a thirst for continuing knowledge. And the project manager position at Epic Systems provided me the move to Madison and the pursuit of a new life filled with travel and challenge.

But… the passion was missing. The passion I saw in my mother’s work as a real estate agent. Her passion in helping people start new lives.

That’s when Stark Company Realtors® caught my eye. At the core of this 100-year-old company are the same values which I hold dear – community and family. It’s still attention to detail. It’s still discipline and continuing knowledge. But, it’s induced with… passion and people. I truly do believe what The Stark Company believes, “We change the world when we change lives.”

Please let me know if I can help you as you make changes to your life.

*Rachel grew up in the suburbs of North Georgia and attended North Georgia College and State University. In her free time, she likes to run, swim, rock climb, play football and play frisbee. Rachel also teaches horseback riding as a therapy to help the cognitively and physically impaired.

"Rachel is so professional, knowledgeable and friendly! She is certainly an expert at what she does and was extremely helpful in our desperate search to buy in Cross Plains, which has been quite cutthroat! She was very patient and understanding during our almost year of working together. In the end, we got a beautiful house in a perfect neighborhood. We are incredibly pleased with Rachel and recommend her to anyone who is purchasing. We'll be calling her again in a few years when we are looking to buy a cabin on a lake! Thank you so much for all your hard work on our behalf."

Jessica Helmers