Scott Ellingboe


" We had the pleasure of employing Scott Ellingboe as our buyer's agent last year when we made a complicated move from Seattle, WA to Madison. Our relocation involved searching for homes via the internet with Scott's help and making a successful offer on the home in which we now live, also while still in Seattle. Throughout our dealings, Scott was straightforward, sincere and extremely helpful. He listened to what we wanted, and consistently acted on our behalf. When there was business to do, Scott did it thoroughly and efficiently, but always warmly and with clear good will. He not only did what he contracted to do as our agent, however, but also went the extra mile, providing us with information about Madison, arranging for our moving company's parking space, and meeting us at 7:30 am when we arrived at our new house after a weary four day drive across the country. What could have been a frustrating and difficult move for us because of the distance involved and the necessity of finding a house from that distance, was instead a smooth and pleasant process, thanks in large part to our competent and considerate agent. Sincerely, Wendy Vardaman and Tom DuBois"

"I am writing to you to recognize Scott Ellingboe for his outstanding professional service. Last July, he served as my agent when I purchased my current home. I was living in Washington, DC at the time, and was unable to undertake an extensive house search during those time when I visited Madison prior to moving. Scott went the extra mile by finding a house exactly meeting my specifications, photographing the house inside and out, then e-mailing me digitized photos for my review. At every step, he satisfied my requests expediently and cheerfully, and made the closing process truly effortless on my part. Needless to say, I have been very happy with the final result. Additionally, when I became interested in purchasing income property in Madison, Scott was my automatic first choice, and he has been quite helpful passing on information I have requested. I have known many Realtors, being a property owner and the son of a Realtor, and I would say that Scott ranks among the best. Scott's professionalism, efficiency, and helpfulness bring great credit upon himself and The Stark Company. Richard Kedzior"

"Last year, my husband and I had the opportunity to work with Scott Ellingboe. In addition to the demands of my husband's business, my career and planning a wedding, we needed to work within a pretty tight time frame. Not only did Scott go out of his way to be available to us, he was extremely patient and informative. Our knowledge base in regards to real estate was little to none. Scott took the time to explain our options and the pros and cons associated with both. Most of all, we appreciated Scott's honesty. Never once did we feel pressure from him and he always told us exactly where we stood regarding our property. Scott Ellingboe exhibits the highest standards of professionalism and we feel extremely fortunate to have worked with him. Karen & Mark Kampa "