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Stephen McGinnis


People, Service, Passion and Dreams- four words that have defined my life.
My passion has always been finding and enjoying the finer parts of life through the people I have met, the places I have visited, and the experiences that make life worth living.  I have chased my dreams and found that I love sharing those experiences with other people. This theme remains consistent for me as my life has always been one of service through the industries that I am passionate about.
My dreams brought me around the world, often literally.  Teaching children taught me compassion, patience, and understanding.  Mastering wine as a sommelier in some of the top wine programs in the county fed my intellect and my soul.
It was only natural that I got into real estate. An industry of People, Service, Passion and Dreams- 
Few things bring me greater joy than working with people to bring enjoyment to their lives and to help them achieve their dreams.  If you possess a passion for the finer things in life, chasing dreams, and finding that perfect bottle of Pinot, I think we will work great together.
If you love talking wine and finding that next bottle- I can help you there too!
**Stephen was born in Milwaukee and spent much of his childhood in Ohio. After graduation from University of Southern California, Stephen spent time in Europe in hospitality and as and importer in the snowboard and skateboard industry. Returning to the states, Stephen became an educator and mastered wine. Most notably, he worked as the Maitre D’ and Wine Director for the Madison icon, L’Etoile Restaurant.**