Solveig Schroerlucke


Staying within a job description has never been my strong suit. I’ve appreciated the compliments of going above and beyond my job description, but it’s always seemed much simpler to me: If someone needs help, you help them. As much and as long as it takes.

When a massive corporate re-structuring required high-level meetings, training and new policies for employees, I stepped up to plan and manage the transition. When my company’s office had to make a move, I took the lead in facilitating the relocation. When the children I cared for were in tears because they were struggling with a homework assignment, I stayed late until the work was done and smiles were back on their faces. Whatever my role, my work has always been about providing the highest level of service to my people, whether or not it fits into my job description.

It’s the reason I came to Stark Company Realtors. No job descriptions. No standard ways of delivering real estate—except to deliver excellence. I love this Stark purpose statement. I can definitely work with this—and would enjoy working with you.

Our Stark Purpose: To transform the lives of our clients, and our own, by elevating the practice of real estate brokerage to the highest possible level.

Solveig grew up in and around the real estate industry. Her father was a Real Estate Broker and home builder who founded Smithback Builders in 1979. He was also a Realtor with Stark Company Realtors from 2002 until his retirement. Solveig witnessed firsthand the noble service he provided to home buyers and sellers as a Realtor and carries this into her own practice. She brings excellence in customer service, project management and process management to her work. She recently sold her own home and is now building a house in Stoughton for her family - her husband, daughter and two dogs. She enjoys singing in her husband’s choir and exploring Madison-area parks and attractions with her very busy toddler.

Professional Qualifications:
Member of the Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin
Member of Wisconsin Realtors Association
Member of National Association of Realtors
Specializing in Southern Dane and Rock County

Board Member of Meeting House Nursery School
Bachelor of Arts from Lawrence University


" I am very pleased to recommend Solveig. She worked for me for almost 4 years and we were very sorry to see her leave. During her time with us, Solveig took on many projects beyond the daily routine of maintaining schedules and keeping an efficient office running. She demonstrated great competency in event management, corporate communication, as well as in specific HR related projects. A great people person and highly organized, Solveig went about her work quietly, efficiently and confidently… but don’t let her calm demeanor fool you, she is also assertive and focused on results. "


" Solveig is able to take charge of any project. She was always enthusiastic and agreeable about doing anything from the mundane to the difficult. If she saw something needed to be done, she figured out the best and most efficient way to do it and had it done in a flash. I highly recommend Solveig for her intelligence and work ethic and integrity. "


" I can recommend Solveig very strongly. She is no stranger to hard work, is exceedingly organized, and can handle multiple agendas simultaneously. Solveig is courteous and attentive to others and has a solid work ethic. "


" Solveig was great to work with and always had a great attitude.  She was very detail oriented and always responded to needs in a  timely fashion. "


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