Samantha Tiry


Someday I want a job helping people.” I remember saying this to my dad when I was a young child. That someday came—quicker than I would’ve liked—and I became a police officer. There seemed no better way to truly help people. However, after a few years in, I longed for another path, another career that would add value to peoples’ lives.   

Then I found Stark Company Realtors. While I do have a passion for all things houses, that’s not why I made the difficult decision to switch careers. On Stark’s website it is written:

We help people move from the life they have to the life they want.

The word move in that quote isn’t just literal. I knew this career change would move me into the life wanted as well as fulfill my desire to help others do the same. 

Let me help you and guide you through this next step in your life. We’re in it together.