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Todd Schade


For 20 years, I was in and out of houses all over Dane County, as a Residential Real Estate Appraiser. From large houses to small, historic homes to new builds, lake homes to small fixer-uppers, I can say I’ve seen them all. In this capacity, I determined the value of a property based on current regulations. As an appraiser, it was imperative that I was tight-lipped, kept personal opinions to myself and made sure I was never influenced by the homeowner—often times barely communicating directly with them. 

In time, my frustration grew; I knew something was missing. I wanted to help people. I wanted to offer advice, because ultimately, I believe real estate is about more than just numbers. Buying or selling a house has an emotional side, and I wanted to be part of it. That’s why I joined Stark Company Realtors and have never looked back. Today, the value of a property is still very important. But never as important as how this move will add value to my clients’ lives.