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Kayleigh Cleary

I was born and raised in Beloit, WI, but have called Madison home for the last 10 years. After many years in the healthcare field both as an RN and an EMT, I decided to make a career change, and it was the values of The Stark Company that drove me to enter a full time career in real estate. As someone who is highly motivated and driven, I knew that working with Stark would allow me to best use my talents and achieve my goals.


I have 2 degrees from UW-Madison (BA in Zoology, and a BS in Nursing), and while in college, I spent 4 years playing trumpet in the UW Marching Band. It was my dream to march in the band ever since seeing them perform at the Overture Center in middle school, and sitting on that stage as a freshman with my red sweater and trumpet in hand was one of the most memorable moments in my college career. While in nursing school, I spent some time singing alto with UW's a-cappella group, Tangled Up In Blue, and I'm currently collaborating with some other former members to create a new vocal group in Madison.


I love gardening, cooking, and playing board games. (I would play board games every night if Nick would tolerate it!) When time allows, I also love to travel - Some of my favorite adventures include our honeymoon to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, our camping trip to the Ozarks, and our road trip through Gettysburg, West Virginia, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. 


Nick and I own two rental properties and I enjoy helping with renovations and figuring out how to fix things! Mainly, though, I really like having 2 yards to landscape and double the flower beds to plant! 


Please feel free to contact my by email at cleary@starkhomes.com, or by phone at 608-290-5792