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The Vigil Team

Friends. Family. Faith.

When we chose to move our family across the country from Colorado to Wisconsin in 2015, we came not knowing what to expect. In fact, we didn’t want to completely commit to anything in the first year in case it was not the right place. We didn’t know anyone and that was part of the excitement for us! We chose Wisconsin after taking a trip across 35 states (over 14,000 miles and five weeks) to see where we would like to live.

To make such a move, we had to ask ourselves a very important question. “What are the most important things in our life?”

Growing up we both had a handful of friends who were more like family to us. Although we had some pretty good friends in Colorado (where we lived for eight years), wherever we ended up we wanted to make sure that we developed relationships with people who we could get close to. People who could be incorporated into our lives so much that they would become more like family to us and our three boys.

If having our boys and raising them wasn’t enough, spending five weeks in a car all together makes you close. You certainly begin to understand how each other think… talk… smell! The second thing we decided that was most important to us was our family. Growing from a family of four to a family of five as we were making the move, we wanted to make sure that wherever we landed we would have the opportunity to focus on our family and an atmosphere that promoted family, family activities, and family values.  

There are many things that we want to impress upon our kiddos as they grow. We want them to have good character, to finish things they start, but the final an most important thing we want to pass on to them is our faith. This is where our love for people and our desire to serve comes from and with everything else in this world being uncertain and ever changing we need to rely on our God for consistency. We also decided that it is crucially important to find a group of people who will help us to grow in character and faith.

These three things are paramount to us and, once we chose to live here, are the reason we decided that a career in real estate would allow us to have a great opportunity to live them out. And finding Stark Company Realtors to partner with in this endeavor was incredible! Their commitment to family (family owned since 1908) and belief in serving people and incorporating them into your life are not only talked about to the public, but are felt by employees, agents, and clients on a daily basis.

Whether you are moving across the country like us, or you are just moving down the street, we would love to put our team’s experience in real estate to work for you so that you have a successful and smooth transition. But even more, our desire is to incorporate our clients into our lives. We want to share these principles with you and in a very real way make lasting friendships, work together and grow even closer as a family, and live out our faith by serving you and putting your interests first. In the end this is what matters most…

“Let’s do life together…”