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How do I become a Realtor?

To sell real estate in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services requires you to obtain your Wisconsin Real Estate Salesperson License. To get your license, the state requires you to complete 72 hours of approved instruction and pass a state exam. There are a number of ways to complete the 72 hours. Most people opt to either take a live course, or complete the requirements online. We have an affiliation with The Wisconsin Realtors Association that allows you to pursue any of these options at a discounted rate. Contact Becky Johnson, at bjohnson@starkhomes.com for additional information on how to register, or to answer any questions you might have. You can also Click Here for additional information.

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How are Realtors paid? Is there a salary and benefits?

As a real estate salesperson, you are classified as an independent contractor, which essentially means you are in business for yourself. Furthermore, because of this status, we are not allowed to pay a salary or benefits. Rather, real estate agents are paid a commission for each sale they make. There are also some costs associated with starting and promoting your business. While this may seem daunting to some at first, this is in fact what makes it possible for successful real estate salespeople to earn very high incomes. In our experience, our best agents wouldn't have it any other way. We will be happy to discuss what the independent contractor status means for you in more detail during our face-to-face meeting.

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What is Stark Company Realtors hiring process?

Making a career change is a major life decision. Moreover, we believe successful people thrive in the right environment, and struggle in the wrong one. Our interview process is designed to determine if there is a solid match between us when it comes to our values, goals, and business philosophies. Our hiring process consists of an interview with the Branch Manager/Coach of the Stark Office you choose for your working environment. If we agree that our values and objectives are in alignment, you'll sit down a second time to confirm our commitments to each other and start down the path to a real estate career.

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