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Real People. Real Success.
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Move to the Life You Want

When life changes, your home often changes too. The adventure of finding a new home can bring a sense of both excitement and trepidation. The truth is, moving comes with challenges—challenges that we, at Stark, handle every day. We execute on all the little things (and big things) to create a successful experience for you and your family. It’s because we understand that when you move, you aren’t just changing houses. You’re starting a new chapter of life.

“I personally invest myself in everyone who comes to work here, because I want to know that when they're serving customers, they're going to provide the very best experience they possibly can.”
David K. Stark

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We understand that sometimes, you just can't get enough information. Join MyStarkHomes and be the first to see what's on, or off, the market. Set alerts for neighborhoods or properties and stay updated when offers are made or fall through.

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Real People. Real Success.

At Stark, we’ve been successful for more than a century because we are real people who care about our client’s success. To be a Stark agent is to aspire to a standard not many can achieve, and we aim to practice real estate at the highest possible level. We are people who lead with a spirit of gratefulness and a belief in abundance. At Stark, we measure success not by how many houses we sell, but by how many lives we improve. To us there is no higher calling.

Founded in 1908, the Stark Company's four generations of success is founded on the promises kept; to customers, to staff, and to the community.